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Let’s try to be ‘hip’ for a minute.

Matte lipsticks can be a beautiful statement piece or a nasty ass, crusty mess.

So listen up! I’m about to tell you about the matte lipsticks I have tried & if they are worth the buy.


Cruella (dark scarlet red) & Red Square (bright orange red)



I have been using the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil for years now.

Red Square is my easy, go-to, in a hurry, throw it in my bag lipstick.

Cruella is my go-to night out, autumn, feeling moody, don’t talk to me lipstick.

I feel like I have had the same pencil for years now; it lasts forever. (I checked, 2 years now. Is that too old? IDGAF.)

The application is ridiculously easy & they actually dry soft. It stays on ALL day through food, coffee, & excessive commute singing. Also, no liner needed. #thankgawd

Available in select retail stores, Sephora, & of course NARS.

*Buy them all.


Unicorn Blood (dark rusty red) & 714 (bright neon coral)



Jeffree Star has a special place in my heart.

His beautiful ballad “Eyelash Curlers & Butcher Knives” changed my life; as well as his beautiful MySpace photos.

Yeah… I said MySpace.

He was the epitome of androgyny & creativity during a time when only Abercrombie & Fitch was talked about & I really appreciated that.

Needless to say, I almost died when I saw he was coming out with a lipstick line.

Not only were these Velour Liquid Lipsticks a great price, the packaging was adorable when I received them in the mail, & I got them SUPER fast!

Unicorn Blood is the most pigmented liquid lipstick I have come across, even more than regular lipsticks. This is the ultimate pissed off 90’s color & I absolutely love it.

714 is a beautiful coral & dries almost a neon pink. But it is quite thin. I would suggest pairing it with a liner to get the full color effect.

The application of these lipsticks are surprisingly easy. They have the biggest doe foot applicator I have ever seen that forms perfectly to your lips, which helps for an easy application! Using a liner the first few times may be a good idea until you get used to it.

Just be careful… damn.

Buy them through Jeffree Star Cosmetics & explore the darkly ethereal web site.

*Buy them all.

*Cruelty Free.


Devoted (classic red) & Committed (pinky mauve nude)



I stumbled upon The Balm Cosmetics through You-tubers raving about their Mary-Lou Manzier Face Highlight. I now use their Sexy Mama Translucent Powder, Bahama Mama Bronzer, & of course the Mary-Lou Manzier Face Highlight.

So naturally I had to try out the Meet Matte Hughes line!

I first tried Committed through my Ipsy Glam Bag & I fell in love! It is the perfect everyday nude-ish color. I say nude-ish because I feel like it’s a very unique color. You also don’t need a liner!

Devoted was a no brainer. It is a brilliant classic red that can be worn everyday!

The application of Devoted scared me… it was EXTREMELY runny & I looked like a fucking crazy person who didn’t even know what ‘a lipstick’ was. I personally need a liner to help me out. But you do you. They dry absolutely perfectly (no weird tight feeling) & they definitely stay in place! They smell great as well!

These shits are hard to find… buy them from The Balm Cosmetics directly, Kohls, or the Belk website (it’s a southern thing).

*Buy them all.

*Cruelty Free.




Elusive (pinky nude)



I grabbed this Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm at Target the other day because… well… because when you go to Target you have to buy all of the things.

Elusive is a good everyday office color (I do wear Unicorn Blood to work too though).

The application is like chapstick. They aren’t ‘long lasting’ & they can get a bit flakey cakey. The darker the shade the better, with all lipsticks really. Light shades can appear streaky & thin. I love the regular Revlon Balms but these matte ones are just kinda meh. #stillloveyourevlon

Get them anywhere you buy toilet paper.

*I wouldn’t waste the money on this formula.


Suedberry (bright deep coral)



Look… I love cool cult brands. I enjoy the unique appeal.

I was so excited to try Lime Crime it wasn’t even funny.

But dude, the Velvetine I have is no bueno.

It is not very pigmented, it dries kind of chalky, & it just feels weird. I am hoping this is because it is not a very deep color. I do have a couple of Unicorn Lipsticks and they are very heavy and also very pigmented. So I miiiiight try another Velvetine in the future… just not right now.


*Cruelty Free.

See swatches below:

Don’t mind my oily forehead, that’s what makeup looks like after 11 hours. I work for a living, give me a break. How else am I going to buy these damn lipsticks?

*Favorite Formulas: Committed, Red Square, Unicorn Blood.




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