Shut the front door.

This is the best thing since the Backstreet Boys… well… almost.

I just received this fresh. gift set from Neiman Marcus, from myself of course, and every product is absolutely amazing!!

First of all, the soy face wash completely rinses away my makeup, mascara included, with no irritation!!


The brown sugar scrub makes my face feel like a babies butt… that sounds weird but you know what I’m getting at.


I was kind of nervous about the face oil… it just scared me. But holy crap! It’s heavenly and not at all oily… even though it’s oil.


I was most excited about tye under eye cream for puffiness and daek circles and I was not disappointed!

From the first application I could already see a difference!

Of course the chap stick is on point.


The products smell and feel so natural and fresh!

They prep the skin flawlessly for makeup!


This is the first line of products that I have loved %100!

I’ve started using this regimen in the morning before putting on my makeup and using SK-II in the evening before bed along with Clinique eye wrinkle cream.


If you have never used fresh., SK-II, or Clinique facial products, I suggest you do so asap.


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