Au Naturel… Kind of.

Today is November 1st and it snowed today!

This is what I woke up to outside my bedroom window.:


Unfortunately, it is now all melted.

But I also bathed today and put on some makeup.

Here’s what I looked like today:


I’m trying to make a point not to use heavy filters on my face in pictures so you can actually see what my makeup looks like… Not just a blur with eyes.

I particularly liked my makeup today because it looked very natural.

I’m on my 3rd day of using SK-II and I’m loving it!

My skin looked so good this morning I felt like I didn’t even need foundation, which I also love.

Here are the products that are in my face:

Clearing lotion
Pitera Essence

Bare Minerals:
Fairly Light- (all over)
Light- (for concealer under eyes and spots)
Warmth- (a bit of contour)
Veil- (dusted all over and used as highlight)

3D Mascara
Eye lash curler

EOS Lip Balm:
In Sweet Mint

That’s it!

Netflix is now calling my name.


g o l d i e e e e


One comment

  1. dreaminlace

    Totally envious of a snowfall! We did have some flurries – but nothing that stuck. It’s odd, I used to despise snow and now I relish it. Being warm and cozy indoors with snow falling outside your window is perfect. Love your natural makeup look!


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