Jewelry for Cool People:

I am very picky when it comes to jewelry.

When I say jewelry I don’t mean something you grabbed at the checkout of the department store because it matches the outfit you are buying.

I mean real jewelry.

I don’t like wearing pieces that everyone else in the entire world owns.

Even though I do have those basic pieces, I love pairing them with kick ass pieces that make people do a double take.

But finding jewelry that is edgy and unique can actually be pretty difficult.

Thanks to Instagram, I have stumbled upon some pretty bad ass jewelry lines.

(Click on the orange font to go to their site)

The first is Black Tied :
I absolutely love this brand and the people who run it.
Customer service is amazing and the quality of the products is even better!
The pieces you find here feature a lot of cultural references such as evil eyes and hamsas but also spikes and skulls done in a feminine way.

The next one I discovered was Bloody Mary Metal:

When I found this brand it automatically caught my eye!
It’s one of the few places in which I would wear every single item.
I haven’t had the pleasure of ordering any pieces yet but I definitely want too!
The pieces are obviously beautifully made and extremely unique!
The pieces you will find here have bold symbols of alchemy, the elements, moons and stars, and of course bones!

Last but not least, the most recent line that has caught my eye is Helter Skelter Metalheads:

This brand is bad ass.
The skeleton hand necklace has got to be the coolest thing I have seen in a while!
I have not be able to order from them yet but I can’t wait until I do!
The pieces you will find here are hard and rock n roll, like I said, bad ass.


g o l d i e e e e


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