Friday Favorites:

It’s Friday over here already in Oki & I have stumbled across some awesome things this week.

Out of the awesomeness, here are my Friday Favorites:


I am currently loving the “mom jean” look.

This is a look from Blank NYC Jeans .

I am also dying for a pair of cut out booties!

See similar Steve Madden’s here.


These over sized text clutches from Karen Walker are perfection.

I feel like the one labeled “Liberal, Miserable, and Cynical” describes my everyday life.


Thanks to Rook & Raven Contemporary Art Gallery in London, I have discovered the wonder that is Lionel Smit.

The emotion he portrays through his portraits and sculptures just takes my breathe away.

Click on the link above to experience his genius.



I am so in love with this new song from O.A.R.

It sounds like they are finally leaning towards their old style of music and thank god.

This song caused so many feels.

Click here to listen to Peace.


Yes, beer.

Beer is a very important topic in my home and should be in yours as well.

I recently tried Brew Dog’s I Hardcore You.

This imperial IPA knocked me on my ass & was delicious too.

Definitely not a bitch beer.


Yesterday, a friend of mine & myself, ordered this amazing weekend drinking shirt from Shop Nylon Mag!

I highly suggest you check out the site!

They have crazy cool products.


This week I watched Girl Interrupted for the first time in my life.

I know, where have I been?

I was blown away.

Absolutely amazing, with an all star cast!

A Netflix must see.

the end.



  1. Goldieeee! I thought that first picture in the jeans was you!! I’d planned to challenge you to an arm wrestle for your shoes! That look and outfit, totally you! Terrific post 🙂

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