Stars Wars hits the Runway for Fall 2014:

This is one of my dreams come true.

Star Wars & fashion combined.

I’m not talking about movie printed tees from Hot Topic either.

I talking about New York & London Fashion Week!

That’s right, the first galactic sighting was from Rodarte at NYFW for their Fall/Winter 2014 line.


The sisters, Laura & Kate Mulleavy, said that the inspiration drew from their favorite childhood movie.

As simple as that!

Now, I’m sure a lot of people probably thought it was tacky but I loved it.

My only criticism is I feel like they could have chosen some better stills from the movies.

Luke? Really? At least Han or Leia.

While trolling the internet after I discovered Rodarte’s Star Wars statement, I stumbled upon Preen!

Bregazzi & partner Justin Thornton revealed their Star Wars inspired looks at LFW for Preen’s Fall RTW 2014 line.


The edgy British designers for Preen were reportedly shocked to find out that they were not the only ones who included Star Wars in their designs during Fashion Week.

There are also some less obvious Star Wars references in the collection that a non Star Wars fan might not see.

The pop of red from Darth Vader’s light saber?

I think so.


They also seemed greatly influenced by Han Solo when he was searching for Luke on Hoth.


Also, due to the shiny metallics there might have been some C3PO inspiration.


I have to say I much prefer Preen’s designs to Rodarte’s.

If you can’t tell.

Not only because I love anything Star Wars but because I lean more towards the casual, RTW, unusual type of clothes.

Also the colors, patterns, & cuts are amazing!

Oh and I need that Darth white collared button up in my life ASAP.

I had sadly never heard of Preen before this Star Wars stunt but what a lovely way to discover another great fashion house!


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