Black Tied Boutique:







I was over joyed when I stumbled upon this online jewelry boutique, Black Tied!

The products on this site are absolutely amazing.

I was kind of nervous ordering something from the UK because I live in Okinawa, and it’s like, who really even lives here?

I thought it would be months before I received my package but it only took a couple of weeks!!

Just look at how cute the packaging is!

Let me tell you about the quality, because that’s what really matters right?

Well, I was blown away!

I’m used to only buying super cheap jewelry for the most part but these pieces are amazing!

The skull detailing is so bad ass and I love it.

The silver cuff bracelet is very thick and seems almost impossible to break.

The sterling silver midi rings are also very well made and they don’t bend like some cheap rings.

My absolute favorite purchase were silver drop earrings! The design is very cool and they are unbelievingly light! So you don’t get that gross, stretched earlobe thing.

My only problem I had when ordering was picking which pieces to order first!!!

Here are a few of my favorites that I will be ordering soon:







If you are tired of the same old jewelry selection, please check out Black Tied!

They are pretty awesome and have wonderful customer service!

I will definitely be ordering from them again soon!


(top: H&M lips: NARS nails: ESSIE)


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