So my first CHANEL purchase isn’t a large one.

It’s just lipstick.

But it’s still a pretty big deal.

When placing my order, I was super excited to find out that I got to pick what samples would be included!

I picked CHANEL Chance Perfume and Ultra Correction Lift Serum.

Obviously, the lipstick was amazing, I already featured it in a previous post, but I realized that I haven’t mentioned my samples yet!

The lift serum is to die for!

I applied it after washing my face and I instantly looked more awake and felt as smooth as butter!

I will definitely be buying this in the future!

The perfume is also amazing.

However, it is sort of manly but I like my scent with a bit of an edge.

Overall, my first tiny CHANEL order went fabulously!

My package also got to me in less than a week, and I live in Okinawa, JP!


(Shade in Excentrique ).


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