Spikes, Pleather, and Rock & Roll:




I looked at my closet for 10 minutes this morning.

Like, I just stood there starring.

I had no idea what to put on.

I don’t know why I was so confused but I was.

I didn’t feel like showering today either, so I just threw up my hair after a dry shampoo.

Finally, I grabbed a spiked collared shirt that I never wear for some reason.

I paired it with my faux leather jacket and added my favorite Led Zeppelin pin.

Then I squeezed into a pair of Levi’s and pulled on my boots from H&M.

It was actually sunny today so I wore one of my holiday presents from my husband, my Glassy sunglasses.

I didn’t wear much makeup either due to being lazy, but I did slap on some NARS matte red lipstick.

I then threw all my shit in my Michael Kors bag and was on my way.

I didn’t really think about my outfit while I was getting ready, however, it turned out kinda cool.

I dig it anyway.


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