Makeup Update:




My face is finally starting to clear up since I went sulfate and fluoride free so I decided to buy a few new makeup items and thought I would share.

I tried out the NARS eye brow gel and it’s actually pretty awesome but may take a little time for me to get used to.

Be careful when applying because I looked like Burt from Sesame Street the first time I tried using it!

I also purchased two new NARS lipsticks!

The first one is from the new Guy Bourdin collection.

Well I had no idea who that guy was so I had to google him:
He’s a French fashion photographer.

I really love this lipstick though!

It’s super bright, creamy, and has an easy application!

The second one I tried was the velvet matte stick.

I was worried at first about it maybe making my lips look dried out like a crack head but it actually looked quite nice!

I was also impressed that after blotting a few times, the lipstick is hella long lasting and doesn’t leave marks on glasses or cheeks!

I highly suggest you try these items from NARS!

If you don’t have a place near you that sells it just check out the NARS Website!

p r o d u c t s u s e d :
Anna Sui Perfume
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Vanilla
Revlon 3D Mascara
Rimmel Concealer
NARS Eye Brow Gel in Athens
NARS Guy Bourdin Lipstick in Short Circuit
NARS Velvet Matte Pencil in Red Square


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