Bad Hair Day Quick Fix:


The other night I took a shower and fell asleep.

Worst idea ever.

I woke up the next day with my hair looking crazy!

Then my husband was like “Get dressed we need to run errands”.

And I was all, “God damn it”.

So here is my bad hair day quick fix.

What you’ll need: brush, head band, 1 Bobbie pin, 1 pony tail holder, and sea salt spray (or hairspray if you’d like).

1. First I brushed my hair out, which make it look even scarier.

2. Then I took a small section in the back and teased it.

3. Before combing my un-teased bangs over the teased hair I put all of my hair in a higher low pony tail.

4. Once my long bangs were sprayed with Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Spray I just combed them back with my fingers over the teased area, for a texturized look.

5. Then I rolled my hair hair around the pony tail holder, pinned it once at the end and slapped on a head band!

This barely even took 5 minutes.

m a k e u p :
Revlon & Rimmel

h a i r :
Not Your Mothers


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