Wish List:


Well it’s December and even though the season is really about giving to others, I thought I would be a little selfish and post my wish list!

1. Shea Moisture African Black Soap Facial Regimen: I recently stared using this company’s body care line and I can’t wait until I can get my hands on their face care line! I have a good feeling that it would greatly help my skin problem.

2. Bare Minerals Starter Kit: I know, enough about my skin problem, but I really think I need to try out this makeup line! Keep my face as clean as I possibly can and I’ve heard great things about it!

3. The Mothership Led Zeppelin Album: I stumbled upon this on Urban Outfitters and I absolutely need this in my life! It’s a little pricy but I know would be totally worth it!

4. Zac Posen Handbag: Any of them to be quit honest. I fell in love with Zac when watching him on Project Runway. His designs are flawless!

5. Obey Throw Pillows: I featured some of these pillows on a cafe post recently! This is just one of many I want to own! They also go towards good causes, which everyone knows I love!

Hopefully everyone has an amazing ChristmaHanuKwansikah!


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