“Sadness is a Blessing”




Some days I’m just sad.

My mom says it’s just because I’m in my early twenties…

“Peaks and valleys, honey, peaks and valleys.”

Is how she explains it.

Some days I just want to wear something that makes people scratch their heads.

Not many people would pair these boots, jacket, hat, and dress together.

And normally I wouldn’t.

But at the time it just felt right.

Isn’t that what fashion is all about?

Self expression.

At that moment of getting dressed I felt like reading poetry in a cafe and not caring what anyone thinks about me.

Did I do that?

Well no.

But I felt like it.

When I’m sad I don’t really try to cheer myself up.

Call me crazy but I realize that without sadness we wouldn’t know happiness.

Lykke Li- Sadness is a Blessing
(highly recommend watching this video. lykke li is one of my favorite musicians.)

d r e s s / j a c k e t / h a t :
village house (okinawa)

b o o t s :
urban outfitters



  1. Love this outfit. Love this post. It’s okay to feels sad bc u are right, without it we couldn’t appreciate happiness. Sometimes the eyes look the prettiest when we cry.
    Xo jaclyndemuro.com

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