Music is Everything:


Since moving into our new home, decorating has been a chore.

But for once, my husband got excited about it!

Because we decided to dedicate a wall to music, something we both are passionate about.

We set up a desk, put our record player on there with some speakers, and framed some of our favorite musician inspired photos.

Which by the way was a pain in the ass to hang up the photos… The new house has concrete walls… SURPRISE.


Music has always been there for us throughout our relationship when there are no more words left to be said.

When we are happy, when we are sad, or when we are angry, music is always there to sooth our souls.

For over 7 years we frequently send each other songs to listen to, with no explanation, just the song.

We let the music do the talking and we like it that way.

This is only the start to our music wall and can’t wait to collect more things to add!

I highly suggest you dedicate a space in your home to something you love, after all, your home is your sanctuary and should reflect who you are as a person.

On our wall this far:
The Doors- People are Strange

Jimi Hendrix- Highway Chile

Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here

Led Zeppelin- Dazed & Confused

Fleet Foxes- Helplessness Blues

The Beatles- Yesterday


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