NARS: Lips


I thought I would share some of my favorite NARS lip products.

But first lets start by saying these are not products you should wear if you are planning on ‘gettin busy‘… If you know what I mean.

The only thing I dislike about NARS products is that the glosses are extra sticky and taste terrible.

Not that I’m eating my lip gloss on a regular basis but sometimes you can’t help but get it in your mouth.

However, the lipsticks are pretty normal all around, they just come off very easily.

I still wear them all non the less.

I usually get my more bold lipsticks from different brands but here are my favorite normals from NARS

International Velvet:
Perfect gloss for brining out your natural lip color with a slight pink tint. An awesome neutral.
Holly Woodlawn:
I absolutely love putting this gloss over a deep red lipstick to make my lips pop!

Turkish Delight:
Isn’t as glossy as the Warhol collection but it’s a good everyday neutral gloss but it tastes horrible, so I rarely wear it.

This color is the perfect combination of red and berry! I love how the color looks in my pale skin!
This is a simple pink/nude lip that is perfect for day time errands.


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