The Man in Black:

“Man in Black”- Johnny Cash (click to listen)







In hopes of feeling like Autumn is here, I insist on dressing like it is.

But here in Okinawa, it still isn’t.

I was literally sweating while taking this picture.

During the cooler months I seem to store a little extra weight.

I just don’t feel the need to be as healthy considering I’m not in a bathing suit everyday… Which I know will become problematic.

So I love when I wear comfy, food friendly outfits.

AKA pants you don’t have to unzip and tops that don’t make you look pregnant after you eat.

Again, this outfit is mostly black.

But I dig it.

One of my favorite songs is Man in Black by Johnny Cash, listen to that shit.
(I added the link at the beginning of the post)

This outfit has a slight depressed 70s feel to it.

The fit of the shirt, the platforms, the hat…
You pickin up what I’m puttin down?

s h i r t :
Micheal Kors

l e g g i n g s / b a g / s h o e s :

h a t :
Village House

s u n n i e s :
Ray Ban

b r a c e l e t s :
Tiffany’s / Village House

p i n :
Led Zeppelin
(1977 was one of the best years for rock and roll)


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