Cafe + Cantina






Date Night!

My husband and I decided to go out the other night and we tried a new cafe in American Village here in Okinawa.

It’s called Jetta Burger Market Cafe + Cantina.

First off the decor and vibe was totally us!

At the entrance they even sell homemade candles and what not.

I loved it.

They have two menus: burger or Mexican.

We decided to try Mexican.

It was delicious… But let’s just say once we got home it wasn’t a romantic evening.

It was a night of tums and belly aches.

Also, the food was a little pricy for the amount that you get.

However, the decor made up for the upset belly and price in my opinion.

The lounge like area they had in the corner was to die for.
I wanted to just take everything home with me or move into the cafe.

I even looked up the pillows online once I got home!

They are by the brand OBEY, which I’ve been seeing everywhere lately.

They were at little pricey at about $40 a pillow but I’m like 90% sure I’m buying them for our new place!

“Find inspiration in even the worst situations.”


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