The Unstoppable Force that is Ryan Tedder:

OneRepublic - Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder is many things… and being better than you is one of them.

Besides being the front man of One Republic, Ryan is an all around musical genius.

He is a producer and a song writer.

Not just any song writer but a freaking hit machine.

He has written some of the most popular songs of the decade:

Halo- Beyonce

Rumor Has It- Adele

Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis

Do It Well- J.Lo

Turning Tables- Adele

Already Gone- Kelly Clarkson

Just to name a small few!

Recently I heard Ryan explaining what his new hit ‘Counting Stars’ meant to him:

 “This is about my struggle to pursue music full time.

I got married relatively young so now I’m supporting somebody else and I used to sit around thinking about I can’t wait till I’m not counting every single penny.

I wanna be just chilling, counting stars.”

I literally teared up while he was talking.

Isn’t this what everybody wants?

Musician or not.

We all want to reach that point in our lives when money is no longer an issue.

When love is the only thing we need to worry about.

I also got married very young.

Not because I felt like I needed to, just because I didn’t want wait to spend with rest of my life with the person I loved.

And its hard.

So fucking hard.

But it’s totally worth it.

Ryan Tedder’s music moves me in a way that not a lot of other music can.

He’s a lyrical genius.

Enjoy a few of my favorites:


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