Hey H&M, nice of you to show up.




(please excuse the wet hair)

The first time I ordered from H&M I got a dress and the black bag seen above.

I ordered the day they launched the online store so I got my package in two weeks.

The second time I ordered from H&M I got a red satchel and the imitation Jeffery’s you see pictured above.

That package took a month to arrive.

This third time I ordered from H&M, it took 2 1/2 months!!!

Talk about too long!
Although, I do live in Okinawa, so I can see where the postal service would be like, “Whaaat?”.

Or maybe H&M thought I was being greedy and said, “That bitch can wait”.

Regardless, the package did finally arrive and I was very happy with the results!!

•the tops•


I was soooo happy with the tops!

The loose NYC sweater looked really thick and bulky online but turned out to be quite light, which I loved!

The basic long sleeved T is so comfortable and fits like a glove!
Not too tight, with the right amount of wiggle room.

•the bottoms•


The leggings are the most comfortable pair I’ve owned! They are super light and soft but not so light you can see through to my lady bits.

The skirt surprised me. Online it looked like a stretchy pull on skirt. But it’s actually well made with a zipper back. Probably should have gone a size up, but I guess it will just give me more reason to get off my ass and run.

•the accessories•


The flats are obviously cheap and might not last very long but they are comfortable none the less.

I also bought this black eternity scarf! It is super warm and very cute! My only complaint is you definitely need to have a lint roller on hand for this piece when pairing it with certain fabrics! Maybe a quick wash would fix that though.

Again I only bought black and white…
It’s almost winter.
Give me a break.

Did I mention I got everything for $65?!
Well done H&M.



(Lip Gloss: NARS Andy Warhol Collection)


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