“This love of mine…”

Had this song on repeat today:
Paul McCartney- “My Valentine”
(please watch and listen, it’s so beautiful)












I haven’t been feeling very well lately.

Maybe it’s the weather changing.
Maybe it’s because my husband isn’t back yet.
Maybe it’s almost time for Aunt Flow to visit.
Or maybe I’ve just been wearing too much black.

Either way, I decided to walk down the street and get myself a coffee from my favorite cafe, Coffee Casa.

It was so strange when I walked in because it was completely empty.

Like everyone knew I needed some space, so they did me a favor and stayed home.

It was humbling to be there at that moment, with the only sound being the muffled jazz music over the loud speaker, the occasional coffee grind and the wind blowing outside.

Left alone with only my thoughts and for once I was thinking of nothing at all.

When they brought me my coffee I decided to go drink it on the sea wall down the road.

Again, a place that is usually crowded with people, was completely empty.

As I sat under the gazebo, I closed my eyes and listened to the wind and the sea crash into itself.

I thought about how much I loved this weather, not yet raining but still no sun shine, no humidity and just the right amount of breeze.

I wondered why I was the only one out appreciating it… but then again I was glad they weren’t.

When debating on when to walk back home, I realized I didn’t want to leave.

Not necessarily the place but the state of mind.

My thoughts were on nothing but the sounds of the sea.

I realized that at that moment, I was where I needed to be.


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