Back to Black.


I have been noticing an addition within myself here lately…

I have only been buying black clothing.

But is it really an issue?

Some people may say you are Gothic, or you must be depressed.

I would say they are pretty ignorant.

They may say you should wear colors more.

I say that I’m not going to wear yellow and mint in the winter.

Black is just so classic, basic, timeless and easy to wear! (Not to mention flattering)

Take it from these ladies…

It all began in the 1920s:

Invention of the LBD.

Coco Chanel was on her game in the 1920s and made black chic.

Now for some change in the 1950s:

Then of course I go straight to my icon of everything, the actress, the model, the humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn.

Besides being a famous actress, this girl is a huge fashion icon!

In the 1950s when Funny Face came out, she gave a whole new meaning to pants and flats!

Jump to the late 90s early 2000s:


In comes the Spice Girls and Posh Spice bringing back the LBD!

But is now dubbed the “Little Gucci Dress”.

This is another woman who has become a major fashion icon.

Victoria Beckham now has her own fabulous line and has even become close with Karl Lagerfield, the front-man of Chanel.  Who is also known to sport mainly black.

Fast forward to the present:

The wonderfully talented Rooney Mara shocks everyone if she wears something other than black.

Its kind of part of her persona as an actress and I dig it.

Now a look into the future:

Ivy Levan is one of many many musical obbsessions!

She is amazing!

She has dubbed her genre as ‘swamp-hop’ and when you hear it you will totally get it.

Her debut videos are filmed in black and white and she rocks it.

Sooo in conclusion.

My answer is NO.

You can never have too much black.



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