Skinny Girl


In hopes of feeling fabulous again, a friend and I, have been trying to get fit.

We like our alcohol, so you can see where this would become problematic.

I was drinking like 3 beers a night when I got home from work and it looked like a was 6 months along with my beer baby.

In living overseas, as somewhere as small as Okinawa, you miss out on the variety of everyday choices.

Being the most concerned about is the wine choices of course.

But the other day I found Skinny Girl wine at the store!

At first I was like ehhhh I’m not sure about it, because of all the hype.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with 100 calories a glass!

I purchased the California Rose and the Moscato.

And for a healthy treat at the end of the glass I added frozen white grapes!
It’s also an amazing way to keep your wine cold as apposed to ice cube because the grapes won’t melt!!


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