It’s still hot as a whore in church here in Okinawa but the spirit of Autumn is still alive in my house.

I had a rough week and decided to buy a few things from my favorite local store here on island, Village House.

Even though it doesn’t feel like fall, all the stores are packed full of fall fashion.

But it makes sense considering when it’s 98 degrees outside in the dead of summer, some locals are wearing long sleeves and pants in the ocean….

I snagged up a cool comic print sweater, even though it doesn’t make much sense, by Listen Heartbeat.


I also got the best fitting shorts I’ve ever shimmied into by Pumpkin. Which is pretty surprising since pants in the local stores are all made for women with the shape of a 10 year old boy. AKA: Not Americans.


Then I added my favorite shoes at the moment, Divided from H&M, to the outfit.


It’s still to hot to wear this outfit during the day here but hopefully here soon it will cool down.


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