Frame That Shit.



My apartment is gross.

It’s Japanese style, with white wallpaper, wood panel bedroom walls with burgundy and beige tile floor in every room.

So in hopes of making it look better, I proceeded to make the walls hella decorated.

But in return made it look like a hipster and a pot head got together and was like “yeah that looks cool”.

Which isn’t too far from the truth to be quite honest.

Anyway, here are a few tips on
cheap decoration and how to personalize your home.

1. Lets be honest. You don’t live in a hotel. If you like boring living room art like paintings of houses and fruit that you buy at a store everyone else shops at, that’s your choice. But I feel like your home should look like YOU.

2. Find a cool print online, I found Jesus riding a Dinosaur, Batman Lincoln, Wolverwashington, and Biggie Star Dust prints online for $3 at $!

Then I bought some cheap frames that where too small and just cut to fit!

3. Did you draw or paint something that’s pretty dope? Hang that shit up! It’s basically free! I hung up a Princess Leya painting I did and framed a creepy self portrait in my living room.

Because I can.

4. One of my favorite things in the world is magazines, I save all my favorite ones. Do you have a favorite magazine cover and you’re just letting the magazine collect dust next to your toilet? Frame that shit! I have framed a Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone covers.

The cheap frames I bought were way too big but it gives the illusion that I meant to do that. Win.

5. Also a cheap easy thing to do is frame posters. I have a Godzilla and Van Gough poster framed! I also have a Van Gough card that my grandma sent me framed. Again basically free.

6. If you like it put it up.
Even if it doesn’t match.

A broken gold record clock? Check.

An awesome painting of a black man playing the piano? Check.

A sign that says Hippies Use Back Door? Check.

A big random flower painting? Check.

A framed print that has a picture with the earth wearing a mustache? Check.

Throw in a fancy Audrey Hepburn painting? Check.

(That painting was my first home decor purchase for $70)

7. Another thing I strongly encourage is, decorate with your stuff!
Here’s some shit I have laying around.

Books can look beautiful and can make you look smart and stuff.

Record player and records.

A stuffed yoda chillin on the couch.

Our surf board and long boards propped up because the images on the bottom are pretty cool.

Kick knacks like elephants, Japanese waving cat, Starwars stress heads, dragon, incense holders and more random shit.

8. Candles, candles, candles! And of course a Buddha candle holder.

Basically what I’m saying is, this is your space.
Your home is your sanctuary.
It should make you happy.
Don’t decorate a certain way just because that’s what was on the shelf at the store!
Be creative! Save money! Have fun!


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