The Head B.I.C.

Who in the hell would have ever thought that Phil Collins would create this:


Lily Collins is officially, to me, the new Head Bitch In Charge of Everything right now.

Not only is she beautiful, she is an actress, a model, started writing for magazines at the age of 16, and her dad is THE Phil Collins.

This girls style is on point! Her clothes, her eyebrows (Girls take note, this is how eyebrows should look), her hair, everything!

I’m also super excited to see her new movie based on the book The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which is set to be released August 21!

If you don’t already know what it’s about or haven’t read the book (which I’m still reading) it is about:

A young girl who starts seeing shit, then her mom (who is played by the queen on Game of Thrones) gets kidnapped by demons or something and then this weird demon killer, angel guy is all, follow me, and she’s all like what the fuck?

Lily Collins is the next big thing.

Or I just have a huge girl crush on her and would like to hope that I’m not the only one.


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