That can’t be comfortable…


Okay, the first thing I think of when looking at this picture is, that can’t be comfortable.

Those things can be sharp, lets hope Lady Gaga didn’t scratch her Lady Bits.


I’m excited. Judge me if you want. But Lady Gaga is finally back with a new single which drops on August 19th.

Her new album ARTPOP is sheduled to be released on November 11!

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t sound like Madonna circa 1980’s this time around.

I’m ready for the weird creepy stuff again.

She is also returning to the stage at this years MTV Music Awards, which is promised to be deliciously weird, as always!

Did I mention she looks amaze balls and I’m loving the brown hair.

Yeah this bitch is crazy, but its all a part of her performance. She knows what she looks like and what she seems like to the public eye but we only see what she wants us to see; she has mastered the art of fame and that’s pretty fucking genius.

Whether you like her or not, she’s not going anywhere, she’s honest, she speaks out against bullying and stands up for equal rights, she can still sing with just a piano and sound good, she can write the hell out of a song  and she is well spoken.

She can wear a meat dress if she wants too.

Shut up.


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