Long skirt, short legs.


Let me tell you about this skirt.
My mom always wore long skirts, or hippie skirts, when I was younger. That’s how I remember her.
So I thought it would be cool and nostalgic to try and wear one.
This skirt was so comfortable, light, flattering & I even got it for a good price, ¥980.

I’m short.
And this skirt is long.

I thought it was a good length though, barely covered my feet, just brushed the ground.
But then I went out to lunch with my friend…
First, I didn’t realize that I was wearing a pair of Victoria Secret under wear that said ‘lets go streaking’ on the butt in black.
This is a light skirt so you could see it.
So then I did what anyone would do in that situation. I took them off.

After we were done eating I tried to stand up and leave the booth…
My skirt got caught under my foot…
I thought I fixed it, then I stood up…
I didn’t fix it.

The people eating behind me saw my bare ass.

Luckily it’s summer and I have a slight tan… so Im hoping they thought my ridiculously white ass was actually white underwear.

Not only that but I continued to trip over it all the way to the door.
Moral of the story?

Fuck you long skirts.



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